Why Voice
The reason for being an early adopter of voice technology for your business is not simply because it is the latest and it is cool, though this is always a nice reason. User Voice adoption is the fastest of any technology in the digital space, 5 times quicker than mobile and it is estimated that by 2020 50% of all searches will be conducted by voice. Remember voice is not just speaker devices, they reside in cars, fridges, TV’s, washing machines, wearables and of course in mobile phones and tablets! With such statistics, it is clear that companies have to move to where their customers will be: but to what end?


The biggest reason to start adopting voice technology is to not let third parties be the answer to questions about your company, your products or your services. Currently, if a company does not have a third-party assistant or properly voice encoded web assets, any question about the company to say Google will result in an underwhelming Wikipedia answer. Companies spend large amounts of money protecting their brand and this protection must extend into the voice space.


Voice SEO- in Google, the voice index is not the same as the normal Google index. Companies that spend large amounts of money ensuring they are number one in organic rankings for their products and services will not be the default in Voice search see the example below for Tennis Balls


If you want to maintain or increase market dominance in the organic search space Voice is the place to do it. Build third party assistants that attract the requisite search results for your business. When it comes to Voice it is back to the early land grab days of SEO and companies need to start acting now.
FIRST Voice understands what is needed to deliver on this objective. Build something assistive to start with and in this way, voice will become a sales channel, quicker than you might have imagined.
World of Voice
From Google Home to Alexa, from Bixby to Cortana, the world of voice is a rapidly expanding place. Today’s voice enable digital assistants can be found in Speakers, Smartphones, Cars, TVs, Headphones, Watches, Fridges and even Microwaves. And this is just the beginning. Learn more about the humble beginnings and the way that voice will shape the way we talk with brands into the future.
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