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James Ward
James has been the Manager of the agency side of the business for 15 years. He is equally at home having complex business negotiations with large corporations, ensuring that projects stay on track on a day-to-day basis and even providing assistance to some production tasks when required. With over 20 years in the digital space, James has always been up to date with the latest and best ways for moving businesses forward.
Matt Ware
As Head of Operations and Partnerships, Matt has had strong business connections to the main operators in the voice market (let’s call them Google and Amazon) for over 15 years. By maintaining these relationships at the highest level, Matt is able to assist FIRST Voice’s clients in getting ahead of the market from the outset. No one knows more about Voice, just talk to Matt and see for yourself.
Lachlan Pottenger
Our Creative Director with over 20 years’ experience in producing creative solutions that both look amazing and function perfectly, Lachlan has been at the forefront of producing interfaces that turn browsers into buyers. The introduction of Voice allowed Lachlan to add another string to his bow in the User Experience space and having dived deep into the channel, Lachlan now leads our conversational development team when he is not speaking at global conferences about the best methodology for creating third-party assistants.
Stephen Dolier
Our Development Director heads up a powerhouse team of coders and technology integrators. With 20 years’ experience in developing some of the largest digital solutions for some of the biggest name companies (Suncorp, Westpac, Kmart, Dymocks, Allianz, Greenstone Financial), Stephen manages the “under the hood” side of Voice assistant builds – connecting data in the best way possible to produce truly assistive results to the conversational questions asked.
Irene Mickaiel
Our Project Director is a former Product Manager for CBS Interactive and is an experienced script writer for voice overs and videos. At FIRST Irene has overseen the larger project builds, managing delivery of both front and back-end digital work with ruthless efficiency. She now blends all of her skills in not only managing the Voice Projects delivery, but also assisting in the conversational development and testing for our assistant builds. Some of Irene’s top clients include Allianz, Dymocks, CBS Interactive, Toyota, Staples, and Greenstone Financial.
Ben Poulton
As Our Head of Search, Ben saw that “Voice SEO” would be the next big thing and immediately started becoming an expert in the field. Ben‘s role for FIRST Voice is more than just research and keyword analysis. It is specifically spotting gaps in the market where clients can get the best results for their investment in the new medium. Ben also assists the conversational team in crafting conversations in such a way that they will not only best assist the client’s customers but also the client themselves in that their “discoverability” on voice search is also improved.
Alasdair Humberston
Alasdair leads the Conversion team and his role is to assist conversational design and creation from an optimsation perspective. Alasdair also tests the delivered product and provides ongoing optimisation insights in the initial months of the post deployment operation.
Francois Gendronneau
As Head of our Analytics team, Francois ensures whatever is built can be measured accurately both at the macro and micro level. The insights gained from a solid analytics set up and associated data manipulation inform ongoing optimisation and feature enhancement activities.
Portia Miller
Account Director – Portia is our client relationship manager. As the conduit between the various production teams and our clients, Portia will ensure your initial foray into the voice medium is as painless as possible.
Lionel Brouchet
As our Lead Voice Developer, Lionel works in the front line integrating the various data sets provided by clients to ensure that the correct answers are given to conversations from a technical standpoint. Lionel also oversees the testing of our voice builds and any subsequent fixes or enhancements required.
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