Be a first mover in the voice space for financial services .


The Challenge

  • Be a first mover in the space for financial services. Look at the ways engage customers with loyalty offers.


First worked very closely with “the coalition of the willing” at Suncorp. Yes that’s what the team was called. The team at Suncorp was made up of members from the customer experience design team along with SEO specialists and business analysts.

Initially we workshopped possible use cases for customers of Suncorp brands around the space of the loyalty offering.

Provide information about rewards for customers of Suncorp brands.


Types of rewards available.

The Action lets customers explore the types of rewards available for being a member.


Users can learn about whether or not they are eligible to receive rewards and then find out about joining the system.

Gift card helper.

Explaining how to obtain and then redeem gift cards and vouchers.

Answer general enquiries.

Providing general information about the Suncorp brands and how to get in touch.

“I could literally talk to these guys for days about ideas for our voice assistant. We couldn’t pack everything we wanted to do into this version but future phases of work will really make this product a useful tool for our customers.” David

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