Helping customers find the perfect gift through their Google Home.


The Challenge

  • To provide great gift suggestions for children and adults alike via a friendly voice interface.
  • To build a robust recommendation engine to handle all enquiries.
  • To provide general information about Kmart returns and shipping, along with pricing policy and jobs enquiries.
  • To enable a fully searchable shopping feed
  • To provide information about local stores including opening times and product availability.


Kmart is a proactive retailer looking to ensure it speaks to its customers through the channels they wish to speak with it. The Google Assistant platform was a natural choice for producing a good first-phase voice action. First worked with Kmart to determine the best core use case for the Action – in this case a gift finder to be released in the run up to Christmas.

We worked with the dev team at Kmart to integrate the entire shopping feed allowing. This allows users to make building for implicit invocation so that Kmart will be surfaced organically for statements such as “Hi Google, I’m looking for gifts for a kid”.

We ensure we cover general help questions from our customers as the platform is new and we find they ask things like “what can I say” and “Do you have a menu of options?”. As a part of this conversation repair is implemented throughout conversations to gently nudge users back on track and to provide suggestions for further questions they can ask.


Provides helpful suggestions.

The action can step a user through a gift finder flow ending in a set of suggested products that perfectly meet their needs. In addition it can provide suggestions when the user asks a multi-faceted question such as “I’m looking for a gift for a 7 year old girl, no more than $20”.


Access to a full shopping feed inside the action means that customers can ask about any specific product, category or brand.

Location services.

Providing easy answers to store locations linked with maps. Users can easily find out opening and closing times. In addition the availability of a specific product can be provided.

Answer general enquiries.

Kmart’s Action can tell you about it’s pricing policy, how layby and click and collect works, the returns policy and who to contact for a jobs question. Being informative about the business and services is as important as product information.

“This is an exciting new platform for us as a bricks and mortar retailer. We enjoyed the collaborative process we went through with the first team. The first version is out in the wild and we’re learning more every day through this new channel of interaction with our customers.” Joachim

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