What’s the best Credit Card for my needs?



Finder is a trusted business helping Australians make better decisions about the products they choose. A particularly difficult product set to navigate is the world of Credit Cards. Users are constantly working to figure out which one would best suit their personal needs. From earning frequent flyer points to consolidating debt, the Finder platform helps users navigate complex decisions.

The big challenge was to take this service offering into the voice space and ensure it was a useful and practical solution. Demonstrate the breadth of available products and provide relevant suggestions to customers.


Types of Credit Cards available.

The Action lets customers search for CC offers based on their needs or to browse popular CC options.

Explain complex and often brand specific terminology.

Sometimes it’s hard to understand what Balance transfer means. The Finder Action helps to demystify technical terms.

Popular and Exclusive offers.

Let Finder do the work for you, just say “what are your most popular credit cards?”.

Guide the user to the conversion point.

Providing information about their chosen card by sending a convenient email when requested by the customer – it’s a conversion on the users terms.

“This is just the first stage of a strategy to bring Finder products to our customers in a voice first environment. First helped us achieve this first step towards a big strategic vision and will be there for the next steps too!” Wioleta

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