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Preparation & Insight
In the first phase of work we determine what the client’s goals are. We analyse what is needed to achieve those goals and agree what success will look like. Using the client’s analytics and search data as well as industry metrics we conduct research the informs the use case development. Customer journey flows are then mapped out and personas created (if necessary). At this point input is also required on the desired tone of voice and language styles that will be used.
Project Scoping & Kick-off Workshop(s)
Background Research
Use Case Development / Customer Journey Flows
Persona Creation
Conversation Design
This phase of work is performed by the User Experience and Conversion team. Context and intent mapping is developed for the agreed intents and from these Conversation designs are created that naturally then flow into the writing of the actual scripts that the assistant will use.
Context & Intent Mapping
Conversation Design / Script Mapping
The third phase of work is undertaken by the development team. The development and reporting environments are set up and then any API’s that need integrating are examined and hooked up. A further piece around business logic development is undertaken e.g. the return of a prescribed dataset from a product database based on parameters put forward by the user. Full unit and end to end testing is also performed in this phase of the work
Technical Development
  • Environment Setup
  • API hookups
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Intent construction
  • Logic Development
  • Setup Analytics / tracking
Testing & Quality Assurance

Go Live & Post

In the final phase of work, the action or skill is published to the designated platform. We then have an agreed period of monitoring user interactions and fixes and maintenance are done during this period. This period is used to inform the client of where there is scope for new pieces of functionality that may need to be implemented. Literally listening to a client’s customers provides great insights into their needs.
Review & Maintain
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